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**SUP Yoga and Paddle Boarding class passes are separate from all other passes at our studios and are not included in monthly passes, punch passes,  or any new client specials, including ClassPass, Groupon, or Living Social.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given for a class cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time. No refunds will be given for clients that do not attend their scheduled class.

Inclement Weather Policy: If we are unable to hold class due to weather conditions, you will not be charged a class. Please check before coming to class, as we will post up to date class information and inform of weather cancellations.


NEW CLIENT OPTION: 2 Classes for $45 (*Limit 1 per customer)


5 CLASS PASS: $150

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SUP Yoga & PaddleFit Classes

SUP Yoga and Paddle Board Classes are held June - September, weather permitting at:

BlackRidge Reservoir in Herriman, UT.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothing that you are ok getting wet! For the PaddleFit classes, we may occasionally be doing some land and water exercises, so please bring appropriate footwear for the land portion of class.

SUP YOGA: Take your love of yoga to the water! Adding in the extra element of balance means some fantastic core work, but don't take yourself too seriously. We aim to laugh and have a great time. Don't take our word for it... Here are 10 reasons you should try yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard

PADDLEFIT: All your favorite workouts move from dry land to the beach and the water. This class combines lots of different fitness practices from yoga, conditioning, core, Pilates, and more...  In PaddleFit we will utilize the paddle for stability on some exercises. Clients will also have resistance bands that attach to the boards for additional strength building exercises. You won't want to miss this FUN aqua-fit class!

*Side note: Most of the time, we do our own little combination of the two! You get the best of both :)




Q: I'm scared I will fall in!

A: You might, but it's not likely... unless you CHOOSE to! Our paddle boards are made specifically for yoga and fitness. They are about 6 inches wider than your standard stand up paddle board, which makes it a lot more stable! Plus, if you do happen to fall in, it feels amazing to cool off.

Q: I have never done yoga before, there's no way I can do it on the water!

A: No yoga experience required! As with all of our classes, they are designed for all fitness levels. We have lots of clients that experience their first yoga class on a board. Just be warned... You may not want to every try it in a traditional studio after you experience it on the water!

Q: What should I bring?

A: It is recommended that you bring a water bottle and towel to class. Most importantly, wear clothes that you are ok getting wet, though swimwear is not required.

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