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June 16, 2023


Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Meet your presenters!


Eileen Stubbs is a Utah native with over 15 years of experience in leadership roles.  Prior to entering the world of real estate, she served as the Director of Performance Leadership at Maverik, where she honed her skills in developing training programs and coaching executive leaders in creating performance scorecards to make performance visible at all levels of the organization.


In addition to her team leadership and coaching successes, she is also a highly skilled business consultant who works with business owners to create and implement a solid foundation and framework for business planning.  With her expertise in performance leadership and team success, she is uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs develop and implement effective strategies that drive growth and success.



Shantel is the owner and founder of Misfit Mentoring, Core 7 Fitness, and Fueled Health. Shantel is an Alignment Coach, International Speaker, and certified Fire Walking Instructor. She guides high level individuals through healing their health, life, and business, to bring them into full authentic alignment so that they can accelerate to the next level.

She is wildly obsessed with helping others achieve massive growth.  Through her unique coaching strategies and retreat opportunities, she teaches her clients how to bring themselves into alignment in all areas of their life and business, accelerate their growth, and ultimately live the life of their dreams.


What to expect from this event

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