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Our Wild Alaskan salmon oil supplement is as close as you can get to eating a whole fish! The oil is extracted upon capture resulting in fresh, non-rancid, non-degraded oil preserving the balance of all fatty acids found naturally in wild salmon. Salmon are a renewable, self-sustaining resource and because of their cold-water habitat and relatively short lifespan, exposure to common environmental toxins are dramatically reduced, resulting in a higher quality, higher purity oil.


Fatty acids like Omega-3s are needed to maintain the integrity of the skin’s natural protective barrier function against environmental factors and to reduce moisture through our skin. Shortages of these fatty acids compromise the skin barrier and lead to dry, flakey skin.


Other fish oils, which are commonly a blend of several species of fish, have a much less consistent level and blend of healthy omega acids, especially EPA and DHA.  The average American diet is high in omega 6 but lacks omega 3. Maintaining a balance between these two fats (often termed the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio) is crucial for optimal health

Omega Oil

    • Improves blood flow and oxygen delivery during exercise
    • Supports a healthy immune system by helping to regulate inflammation, supporting our cellular repair and internal defense systems.
    • Adequate intake of DHA is associated with a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline and the development of Alzheimer’s disease and a decreased risk of eye diseases like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration
    • Help transmission of signals along the nerves and has been show to stimulates nerve cell growth
    • Been shown to lower triglycerides while raising HDL cholesterol
    • Promotes healthy nervous system function
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